FAQ & Pre-Race Info

How to register

Register by July 31 to avail of the early bird entry fee and by August 31 to enter the draw to win a brand new 2018 Toyota Yaris.

Who should create an account?

  • If you have not registered for the City-Bay and/or Bay-City in the last two years.
  • If you are participating in the race individually.
  • If you are coordinating a small group of runners as a team. This might be a small workplace, family or group of friends. You may or may not be participating personally.
  • If you are the official coordinator for a large organisational team. This might be a large corporate, a school or a charity. You may or may not be participating personally.

** Please note we do not accept AmEx cards - Visa and Master cards are acceptable.

Not sure if you have an account?

If you've previously registered an account on the City-Bay or Bay-City websites or have coordinated a team run, you may already have an account. You can enter your email address on the login/sign up page and we’ll check for you. If you have an existing account, we can email you a link to reset your password.

Registration type options:

  • I am running solo - Select this option if you are participating in this event as an individual entrant.  You can also join a team that has registered as a public team, like a charity or a University, using this registration option.  

  • I am coordinating the registration of a small team - Select this option if you are coordinating a small team. This may be a family, friends, sporting/social club team etc. You may or may not be participating personally.  Please note that only the Team Coordinator's login account can add participants to this team.  Payment must be made at the end of each session.  You can add additional members to your team after you've paid.
  • I am participating in a small team - If you are not the coordinator (the team has already been created), then please contact your team coordinator to complete the registration for you under their account.  Small teams are not public.
  • I am coordinating a large team - Choose this option if you are creating a corporate /school /organisational/charity team. You will need to choose if you would like your team to go public or not.  If you verify that you want to be a public team, then individual entrants can choose to join your team. This is usually for a charity team.  Verification required. In order to activate your registration, it must first be verified by City-Bay staff. We will contact you when the verification process is complete.


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